Information for Strong-Motion Station
Lower Crystal Springs Dam
CGS - CSMIP Station 58233
Earthquakes recorded by this station
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Latitude 37.5288 N
Longitude 122.3622 W
Elevation (m) 57
Site Geology Franciscan greywacke
Vs30 (m/sec) 586 (inferred)
Site Class C
Remarks/Notes Site information sources
Dam Height148'
Plan ShapeCurved
Crest Length600'
Crest Width41' (max)
Construction Date1888
Instrumentation1978, 15 accelerometers on crest, abutment, toe, and downstream. 2010, instrumentation removed. 2023, 12 accelerometers at the dam and 3 accelerometers at a reference free-field station.
Superstructure Type--
Dam TypeConcrete gravity.
Foundation Type--
Remarks The 2010 improvement project included widening of the spillway, raising the parapet wall, & enlarging the stilling basin.