Information for Strong-Motion Station
Oakland - SF Bay Bridge/East: SAS
CGS - CSMIP Station 58600
Earthquakes recorded by this station
Ambient Records for CE58600
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Latitude 37.8152 N
Longitude 122.3589 W
Elevation (m) --
Site Geology Shallow Alluvium over rock (sedimentary)
Vs30 (m/sec) - -
Site Class
Remarks/Notes Site information sources
No. of Spans2
Plan ShapeAlmost straight
Total Length622.487m (east bound)
Width of Deck27.88m (west bound; east bound); 5.8m bike path (east bound)
Construction Date2013
Instrumentation2014. 76 accelerometers, 6 tilt sensors, and 1 relative displacement sensor.
Superstructure TypeDual orthotropic steel box girders, connected by steel cross beams, suspended from cables which are supported on the 160m steel tower. The cable is anchored at Pier E2 and looped around Pier W2 through saddles. Gap between the tower and the box girder decks.
Substructure TypeTower: 4 steel shafts interconnected with steel shear links and rigidly connected at the saddle. W2: concrete cap beam supported on concrete columns with tie-down to the foundation. E2: concrete cap beam supported on two concrete columns & connected to box girders with 4 shear keys and 4 bearings.
Foundation TypeTower: Pile cap supported by thirteen 70m long, 2.5m diameter cast-in-steel-shell (CISS) concrete piles embedded into rock. Pier E2: (16) 100m CISS piles at each column. Pier W2: concrete mats.
RemarksThe new Eeast Span opened to traffic on September 2, 2013. This bridge was instrumented during construction under the interagency agreement between Caltrans and DOC.