Information for Strong-Motion Station
Emeryville; Pacific Park Plaza; Structure Array 1
NSMP Station 1662
Earthquakes recorded by this station
Ambient Records for NP1662
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Latitude 37.8420 N
Longitude 122.2963 W
Elevation (m) 3
Site Geology  
Vs30 (m/sec)  
Site Class  
No. of Stories above/below ground30/0
Plan Shapeirregular (Y shape with 3 radial wings)
Base Dimensions110 x 55 ft (each wing)
Typical Floor Dimensions110 x 55 ft (each wing)
Design Date1983
Instrumentation1985, 21 accelerometers on 4 levels of the building, 3 accelerometers at free-field outside on the North side of the building, and a downhole array on the South of the building with 3 accelerometers on the ground surface and 3 accelerometers at 200ft below the ground surface.
Vertical Load Carrying System5" thick concrete slabs placed monolithically with the beams and supported by concrete columns.
Lateral Force Resisting SystemDuctile moment-resisting reinforced concrete frames with some shear wall at the center core and at the wings up to the second floor level.
Foundation Type5 ft thick reinforced concrete mat over friction piles driven beneath and along the column lines.