Information for Strong-Motion Station
MT Fort Harrison - VAMC, Bldg 154
NSMP Station 7235
Earthquakes recorded by this station
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Latitude 46.6190 N
Longitude 112.1020 W
Elevation (m) 1219
Site Geology  
Vs30 (m/sec)  
Site Class  
No. of Stories above/below ground4-story steel structure
Plan ShapeIrregular
Base Dimensions230'x262'
Typical Floor Dimensions230'x262'
Design DateInitial Design- 1963
Instrumentation2012: 24 accelerometers on 6 levels in the building.
Vertical Load Carrying SystemSteel Moment Frame
Lateral Force Resisting SystemSteel Moment Frame
Foundation TypeBuilding resting on concrete mat foundation
RemarksThis building was instrumented as part of the VA/USGS Hospital Instrumentation Project.