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Alaska Peninsula 2001-07-28 07:32:00 UTC

Region:  Alaska
Latitude:  59.0250
Longitude:  -155.1160
Depth:  131.0 km
Mechanism:  Unknown
Mw:  6.6

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Anchorage, AK - Baptist Church of Christ - Debarr Rd Hypocentral dist: 403.3 km
USGS station 8026
Processing by: USGS
Data Available: corrected acceleration, velocity, displacement, & spectra
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Component: 360 PGA (cm/s/s): 11.00 PGV (cm/s): 0.50 Add this to bin
Component: 90 PGA (cm/s/s): -6.70 PGV (cm/s): 0.30 Add this to bin
Component: Up PGA (cm/s/s): 1.90 PGV (cm/s): 0.10 Add this to bin

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