CESMD web services is developed with the aim of serving earthquake metadata, station metadata, record metadata, and record datasets in order to respond to user queries, enable rapid bulk dataset downloads, and facilitate automated data processing.

Request Tools:

Service interface Summary Return options Documentation
Earthquakes Earthquake metadata GeoJSON, QuakeML, GeoCSV Earthquake Documentation
Stations Stations metadata GeoJSON, StationXML, CSV Station Documentation
Records Time series and parametric data Metadata(JSON, XML, CSV), Dataset(ZIP) Records Documentation

Data can be accessed through either the builder pages or client scripts. A CESMD web services client is currently under development. The builder page generates a link via user input to a webpage form. Client scripts simply need to regenerate the builder url using the input parameters listed in the documentation.

For example, to query event metadata for events with a magnitude between 5 and 6, having a faulting type of Normal, and with a return type of json, the client script would need to submit the following url:


The service interface links above reference builder pages for events, stations, and records, while the documentation describes input and output parameters. In order to facilitate a variety of user needs, users can select the format in which metadata is returned.

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, please contact us at cesmd@strongmotioncenter.org.