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Cosmos Strong-Motion Data Format Tables (v. 1.2)

Tables are in csv text(comma-separated values), unless otherwise noted). The first line of each identifies the columns.

Table 1. Data Physical Parameter Codes
Table 2. Data Units
Table 3. Record Types
Table 4. Strong Motion Network Codes in order: COSMOS code, Iris code, agency, abbrev
Table 5. Latitude/Longitude Datum Codes
Table 6. Station Type
Table 7. Earthquake Parameter Information Sources| delimited
Table 8. Recorder Timing Source
Table 9. Recorder/Datalogger Codes tab delimited; in order: COSMOS code, model, manufacturer, analog/digital, USGS code
Table 10. Sensor Codestab delimited; in order: code manufacturer, model, type
Table 11. Sensor Direction Codes: | delimited
Table 12. Filter Types

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