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Strong Motion Virtual Data Center (VDC)

The VDC is a public, web-based search engine for accessing worldwide earthquake strong ground motion data. While the primary focus of the VDC is on data of engineering interest, it is also an interactive resource for scientific research and government and emergency response professionals.

The VDC was developed at University of California Santa Barbara with funds from the National Science Foundation, with initial support provided by the Southern California Earthquake Center. Subsequent support has been provided by the US Geological Survey and the California Geological Survey. The VDC was incorporated as a part of the Center for Engineering Strong Motion Data (CESMD) in 2012.

The Consortium of Organizations for Strong-Motion Observation Systems (COSMOS) serves as a liaison in facilitating data access from international strong-motion networks.

Tools and more information:

MatLab & Excel Exporter Tool

VDC stations & events in GoogleEarth

VDC User Manual (pdf)

VDC Fact Sheet (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions


Please provide your e-mail address here to receive updates on available strong-motion data at the Virtual Data Center.

Please send your comments to cesmd@strongmotioncenter.org.