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About Zipping Files through COSMOS

The Zip the checked files button will tar and gzip files that are checked on the download page. The check boxes are to the right of each of the download buttons.

On the page that returns, there will be a list of the urls which have been read and a link, Download. If you click on this it will download the tarred and zipped file to your disk.

You may restore the files using one of these utilities for non-Unix machines:
Stuffit for Mac
WinZip for Windows

Files from the Japanese KNet and KikNet networks now use a password authorization, so the zip feature will not work for these files. You can reach these files using the download button, however. You will be directed to a screen at the KikNet site asking you to register with that site. After your registration has been accepted, you may access any of their files via the download button.

If you have any problems accessing files via the download page, please contact us at: webmaster@cosmos-eq.org.

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