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Near the Coast of Guerrero 1992-06-07 09:01:44 UTC

Region:  Mexico
Latitude:  16.1730
Longitude:  -98.8990
Depth:  2.2 km
Mechanism:  Unknown
Mw:  5.4

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Copala, Mexico - Guerrero Array Stn COP Hypocentral dist: 49.2 km
UNR station COPL Site Geology: Granite Gneiss
Processing by: IdeI
Data Available: uncorrected acceleration only
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Component: 270 PGA (cm/s/s): 5.70 PGV (cm/s): - Add this to bin
Component: Up PGA (cm/s/s): 11.50 PGV (cm/s): - Add this to bin
Component: 0 PGA (cm/s/s): 7.70 PGV (cm/s): - Add this to bin

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