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The data files accessible from this Web site are in several formats. All are text (ascii) or zipped text files. Over the years numerous different formats have been created for strong motion data. However, the majority of the data are in either the California Strong Motion Instrumentation Program (CSMIP) format or in the United States Geological Survey (USGS) format.

CSMIP format data: This format is described in CSMIP report 85-03:
Shakal, A.F. and M.J. Huang (1985). "Standard Tape Format for CSMIP Strong-Motion Data Tapes", California Strong Motion Instrumentation Program, report OSMS 85-03. This report is available at the CSMIP Web site.

CSMIP distributes their data in 'zip' format. If you download a file through this site with a .exe suffix, then it is a self-extracting zip format file which must be unzipped before it can be used.

USGS format data: Recent USGS files are in SMC format. Details are available from the Data Processing Page at the USGS Web site.

COSMOS Format: Some recently added data from Turkey and uncorrected data from Taiwan is in the new COSMOS format available from COSMOS.

KikNet and KNet formats (Japan): Information on the format for files from Japan is available at the KikNet web site under "Online Manual".

PNSN (Univ of Washington): The format for the University of Washington (Pacific Northwest Seismic Network) files for the Nisqually (Seattle) earthquake is described at the PNSN site.

Izmit and Duzce 1999: Information about formats used by several agencies reporting data for the Duzce and Izmit earthquakes and aftershocks of 1999 may be found in the USGS Open_File Report 01-163.

Universidad CentroAmericana: The format for files of the three El Salvador earthquakes is available from the Universidad CentroAmericana web site.

New Zealand data: The format for all files for New Zealand earthquakes from the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences: GNS Format.

University of Southern California (USC) Vol. I (uncorrrected): Format description.

California Institute of Technology: Format and processing description.

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