Stations Web Services API Documentation

Input Parameters

parameter description type
abandoned A value of true indicates the inclusion of inactive/abandoned stations in the search. boolean
format Format of output, options are xml or json. string
lat For radius searches, latitude in degrees of station. float
lon For radius searches, longitude in degrees of station. float
maxlat Maximum station latitude in degrees float
maxlon Maximum station longitude in degrees float
minlat Minimum station latitude in degrees float
minlon Minimum station longitude in degrees float
netid Two letter Network ID of station (multiple network IDs can be listed, e.g. CE,AA). string
rad For radius searches, distance in kilometers from station to include in search. float
stcode Station code including network code, for example, CE24319. Multiple station codes can be listed as CE24319,AAAK16. string
stname Name of station, accepts wildcards. string
sttype Type of station - if not provided, implies Any, otherwise, options are A(Array),G(Ground),B(Building),Br(Bridge),D(Dam),T(Tunnel),W(Wharf),O(Other) string

Output Parameters


object parameter description type
geometry type Geometry type, usually point string
coordinates Longitude in degrees, latitude in degrees float
metadata api API version number string
status HTTP Response Code of the request. 200 when the query is successful. integer
title CESMD - Center for Engineering Strong Motion Data string
url URL given to API string
count inactive Count of returned inactive stations integer
total Count of all returned stations integer
id Station code with network string
properties bldheight Building height string
bldtype Building type string
channels Number of channels integer
code Station code (without network) string
comm_code Communication code string
crl_orientation Sensor orientation string
effdate Date most recent change to station made effective date
elevation Station elevation (meters) float
geology Station site geology string
location Station location string
name Station name string
network Station FDSN network string
numRecorders Number of recorders integer
recorder_type Type of recorder string
siteclass Station site class string
stationpage Link to CESMD station page string
status Station status (may be active, planned, abandoned, demolished) string
type Station type (ground, array, building, special) string
Vs30 Vs30 value integer
Vs30_info Station Vs30 info, e.g. "measured" or "inferred" string
Vs30_method Station Vs30 method info string
Vs30_reference Station Vs30 reference string


object parameter description type
Created Date of the metadata request datetime
ModuleURI URI/link of the request string
Network code Station FDSN network string
Description Network name string
SelectedNumberStations Total number of stations returned given the provided search criteria integer
Station CRLOrientation Sensor orientation string
code Station code without network string
CommunicationCode Communication code string
EffectiveDate Effective date of most recent change to station date
Elevation Station elevation in meters integer
Geology Station site geology string
Latitude Station latitude in degrees float
Longitude Station longitude in degrees float
RecorderType Recorder type string
SiteClass Station site class string
stationpage Link to CESMD station page string
Status Station status string
TotalNumberChannels Number of station channels integer
TotalNumberRecorders Number of recorders integer
Type Type of station (ground, building, array, or special) string
Vs30 Station vs30 value integer
Vs30Info Station vs30 info, e.g. "measured" or "inferred" string
Vs30Method Station vs30 method info string
Vs30Reference Station vs30 reference string
Site Location Station location string
Name Station name string
Building Type Building type string
Height Building height string